Home Automation

Home Automation

Make life more convenient

Let your house do most of the work for you; climate schedules, control your blinds, monitor C02 levels, automated lighting, check who’s at the door all by checking an application or using voice commands. AVK can assist you with new smart home construction or renovating an existing home. We provide home automation services for:

  • Home Entertainment
  • Safety and Security
  • Lighting
  • Climate Control

Power Savings

Automated schedules allow your home to only use power when absolutely necessary

Environmentally Friendly

By only using power when necessary it automatically makes your home more environmentally friendly

Centralized Control

Use one app to control your entire home

Home Entertainment

Home Theatre Setup

Control all your devices from a single easy to use interface; Blu-ray players, game consoles, speakers, NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, Apple TV and much more. If it connects to the internet you can probably control it.

Climate Control

Nest Thermostat

Save money on your energy bill and become more environmentally friendly. A smart thermostat will create routines based on your usage and can be adjusted accordingly. Turn on the heat before leaving work to ensure a comfortable home when you arrive.

Safety and Security

CCTV, Security Systems

Monitor C02 levels, dangerous leaks, smoke, fires, arm your alarm, view who’s at the door, motion lighting, track daily in’s and out of a specific door and the list goes on.


Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can change the mood of any room, it adds ambiance but more importantly energy efficiency. You can dim, change the color, synchronize with movies, automatically detect you are home and turn on outside or driveway lights, synchronize with sunset/sunrise or make it appear as if you are home while you’re on vacation.

Top 10 Smart Home Automation Applications

From aartech.ca:

  • Get a notification alert when a door is unlocked, when kids come home, spouse arrives from work, or workers are on site
  • See who’s at the door to your home or business from anywhere in the world, and have a two way conversation
  • Turn lights and appliances on and off using your voice, wall scene controllers or smart phones/tablets
  • Receive an email or text alert in case of water leaks, doors opening (including things like gun safes perhaps), power failures
  • Automatically turn off the water in case of a water leak
  • Receive an email or text in case of security, carbon monoxide detection or fire alarms
  • Enhance security and save energy by turning lights on at dusk, off at dawn or turning lights and electronics off when a room is unoccupied
  • Turning lights and appliances off, and adjusting the heating/AC when leaving home
  • Turning up the heat or AC when we’re on the way home or once we arrive
  • Remotely arming, disarming alarms, checking video footage, checking to make sure the door is locked – from anywhere